In 2021, Professional Engineering Associates (PEA) recognized a significant need for solutions to a variety of safety issues that confront our industrial and manufacturing clientele.  Safety concerns such as fall protection and arc flash have become front and center facing nearly all of PEA’s clients.  In response to this need, PEA has created a new division that is exclusively focused on safety topics.  Currently, this new group of specialized individuals are focused on the evaluation, design, installation, training, and maintenance of fall protection systems and their anchorage to new or existing structural elements.  Although the division began with a focus in fall protection, it is expanding to encompass Safety, Health, and Environmental service areas that could impact our clients.

What Sets Us Apart

PEA not only has an exceptional staff of safety professionals that are versed with 20+ years of OSHA and EPA compliance topics, our engineering expertise working within the industrial and manufacturing markets allows us to develop cost effective solutions with existing facilities to quickly bring our clients within compliance.  PEA doesn’t need to find outside expertise, we have it all in-house.  One-stop solutions for our diverse clients.

Team Experience

PEA’s Safety Solutions Director has over 40 years of experience in the Environmental, Safety and Health (EHS) realm.  Ms. Dawn Colombi retired from the Air Force in 2013, after 32 years of service (to include Air National Guard) and has worked in both private and public sectors.  She understands manufacturing, healthcare, industrial, commercial, and institutional market needs.  Ms. Colombi was an OSHA consultant and trainer for nearly ten years and has served as a volunteer Firefighter II/NREMT.

Why consider PEA Safety Solutions

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OSHA Compliance

Minimizing/Reducing OSHA compliance vulnerabilities to End Users once their employees have exposures to conditions that OSHA defines as hazards….Even though they were designed to appropriate codes.

Prevention through Design

Instituting Prevention through Design (PtD) concepts. Closing the gaps between Developers, Architects, General Contractors, and End Users, while educating all parties in the effects of their decisions.

Experience Counts

The depth and breadth of experience that we bring to the table is vast. You will get the most thorough, practical, AND defendable solutions recommendations to your compliance issues.

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