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Design Management

No matter your project or dream, PEA is prepared to handle every step and every requirement. Trust us to coordinate the efforts of all team members by supplying them the necessary information and ensuring that it is used correctly. Rely on our expertise in preparing and maintaining project schedules. Contract with us, and we will track and control every phase of your project, staying within or under budget. Above all, count on PEA to maintain solid communications with you regarding project issues and concerns, as well as to maintain effective communications with our in-house and contract engineers, manufacturers and suppliers regarding all project aspects – from inception through equipment installation.

Professional Engineering Associates has a long resume of providing multi-discipline services through our very qualified sub-consultants. These services include architectural, process design, electrical, mechanical and plumbing.

These sub-consultants, coupled with our in-house disciplines, provide our clients with a single source contact to manage their project.

The civil engineering staff at PEA can satisfy your needs whether they involve resolving small drainage problems at your facilities or undertaking large, new construction projects. Our civil projects typically include storm water, potable water, fire protection, and sanitary sewer calculations to meet all applicable federal, state, and local mandates. Site and utility plans and layouts will be coordinated with existing conditions to ensure maximum benefits for the future structure.

PEA’s structural experience has provided a close relationship to many architecture firms that provide sleek, customizable, and aesthetically pleasing work with the owner in mind. This partnership creates ultimate compatibility for a seamless project from concept to design.

PEA’s highly experienced work with industry and processing plants provides the knowledge and design capabilities to provide any industry with the infrastructure necessary to carry out a competitive business. Previous work includes mills, injection molding plants, and factory processing buildings designed to withstand concentrated mechanical loads.

PEA’s portfolio of work has provided extensive contacts with mechanical and plumbing installation for any type of project from industrial to higher educational facilities. The equipment includes anything from heating and air conditioning to water servicing selected areas. PEA works to eliminate any hiccups associated with location of these services and the structural skeleton and architectural design.

PEA’s structural portfolio contains a varied list of projects including public and private educational facilities, commercial, industrial, office buildings, warehouses, retail shopping centers, hotels, churches, and civic buildings. Additionally, our industrial structure expertise offers solutions for process lines, crane and hoist beams, equipment support and foundations. Steel, masonry, cast-in-place concrete, light gauge steel and heavy timber are building materials we utilize. Each project is different; with no two alike, the selection of an appropriate construction material is vital to your project’s economic success

Similar to mechanical and plumbing, PEA has developed contacts for the layout of the electrical plan for a well thought out and code compliant design.

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