Industrial & Manufacturing

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GF Linamar (Mills River, NC)

Chemical clients, tire manufacturers, packaging manufacturers…they all call on PEA for everything from complete Project Management to Structural Engineering support.

Equipment Supports & Foundations

Many of our industrial clients also request our expertise in the design of supporting foundations for their machines. Large machines often vibrate, resulting in enormous, cyclic loads, which must be absorbed by the foundation. These cyclic loading conditions pose a unique design opportunity for our staff. Professional Engineering Associates utilizes state of the art 3-dimensional finite element modeling software to study load conditions and tailor competent final designs.

Overhead Crane Evaluations

PEA’s vast experience in industrial facilities has equipped us with experience in evaluation of new and existing structures for the lateral and vertical loads imposed by overhead crane systems, as well as structural design of crane support framing and foundations. PEA delivers seismic restraint designs for mechanical, electrical and architectural components as well as the design of lateral bracing systems and attachment details to meet current seismic code provisions and overall stability.

Secondary Structures

Railroad Design

Oftentimes, it is the “secondary” structures in a facility that are of concern to our clients, for example: multi-ton rail cranes, pipe bridges, and rating hoist beams that must meet minimum OSHA requirements.

Design of new and existing rail yards to facilitate loading and draining design of rail weighing system foundations

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Other Recent Projects

Conventional structural steel buildings for 2 new sawmill facilities in Halifax, NC and Live Oak, FL for Klausner Trading USA.
New factory for Plastic Omnium in Anderson, SC of approximately 106,250 sq ft with a 13,000 sq ft mezzanine, crane bay extensions, and an 8,500 sq ft 1-story office building addition.
An Extra High Voltage (EHV) manufacturing facility, including a 429 ft extrusion tower, located in Huntersville, NC for ABB, Inc.

A 70,000 sq ft manufacturing expansion for Timken, Inc. in Walhalla, SC.
Food processing plant expansion for Sara Lee Bakery Group in Greenville, SC.
New hot melt plant for National Starch and Chemical in Enoree, SC.
New chemical plant for Stepan Chemical in Winder, GA.
3-ton crane installation for Albany International in St. Stephen, SC

Process & Chemical

An industry of its own where large buildings are specially designed to the owner’s specifications. Pits to store chemical waste, foundations to take the reciprocating loads from conveyors, and isolated slabs to dampen the shake from processing equipment are just a few of the many considerations PEA accounts for in our designs.

DeRitter Railyard- MeaWestvaco (Charleston, SC)

Warehousing & Distribution

PEA’s list of clients in this industry is constantly expanding due to our consistent work with providing large and durable buildings designed to maximize volume for storing large inventories. These buildings can range in all sizes and are designed to withstand the wear and tear of shipment and storage of inventory.

FedEx Distribution Center (Mt. Juliet, TN)

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Large atriums, family rooms and complex aesthetic features are considerations and design opportunities that can be more architecturally stimulating as well as challenging. These types of structural features typically require advanced analysis and calculation — which is why clients turn to PEA for our experience and state of the art finite element computer analysis. Your hospital, wellness center, nursing or retirement home is treated with every technological advantage PEA has to offer. By use of the latest design software packages, effective plans can be quickly delivered for construction.

St. Mary's Good Samaritan Hospital (Greensboro, GA)
Ty Cobb Replacement Hospital (La Grange, GA)

These essential buildings require thorough structural engineering knowledge supported by structural engineering license for the design and durability of these type of facilities. PEA provides you with the certification and confidence of staff engineers with SE license authority. Having met the requirements needed to successfully complete the SE-I and SE-II exams, they are prepared to complete the design of your facility in the utmost care and concern for public safety.

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Other Projects

Greenville Mental Health in Greenville, SC
Hospice House of the Carolina Foothills in Landrum, SC
Greenville Hospital System addition in Greenville, SC

Higher Education

PEA has serviced for many higher education projects and has established a reputation for returning clients. PEA provides the professional coordination to our projects to keep up with limited scheduling associated with higher education builds. Projects include anything associated with: dormitories, athletic facilities, and academic halls.

Clemson ONE Project Upfit (Clemson, SC)

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Commerical, Religious, & Educational

Our engineering experts at Professional Engineering Associates have 150 years of combined experience in the design of structural steel, light gauge steel, wood, masonry and concrete structures. This allows us to resolve the uniquely different and difficult architectural design challenges that present themselves on restaurants, shopping centers, retail stores, office buildings, high schools, college dormitories, and churches.

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Other Recent Projects in Commercial, Religious, & Educational

Simpsonville First Baptist Church in Simpsonville, SC

Morris Chapel Baptist Church in Greenwood, SC

Lakeside Elementary School in Greenville, SC

Municipal & Wastewater

PEA provides outstanding work for small and large businesses within city limits. PEA provides attention to detail and scope to the client to produce a cost effective design to serve both the owner and public.

Piedmont Wastewater Treatment Plant

Historic & Rehabilitation

Knowledge of code history limitations and specific procedures enable PEA to successfully evaluate the use of structural elements of an existing building. Project designs provide architectural and facility increases by use of less costly materials and stress to the owner.

Soby's (Greenville, SC)
Tillman Hall, Clemson University (Clemson, SC)

Recent Projects in Historical & Rehabilitation

  • Seismic evaluation of Bob Jones University Barge Hospital in Greenville, SC
  • Seismic evaluation & rehabilitation of Clemson University Fraternity Dorms in Clemson, SC
  • Rehabilitation of Clemson University Tillman Hall in Clemson, SC
  • Rehabilitation and renovation of Soby’s and “O” restaurants in Greenville, SC
  • Rehabilitation of Hipp Hall at Furman University in Greenville, SC (LEED accredited)


In addition to more traditional engineering services, we are proud of our innovative variety of specialty projects. Some of these specialized design areas include:


Nature Walk at Seagrove (Walton County, FL)

Structural Investigations

Investigation and legal testimony associated with structural failures for both new and old construction

Light Gauge Metal Stud Design

Design of panelized metal stud systems that are fabricated in the shop, shipped, and erected on site. Typical projects include load bearing dormitory buildings, high-rise condominium projects and exterior curtain wall applications.

Heavy Timber Bridge Design

Design of timber bridges for vehicular traffic to meet AASHTO:HS20 and HS25 load requirements. Also, footbridges, golf cart bridges and other architecturally sensitive structures that make our experience in designing them invaluable to clients.

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